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a history of palestine from the ottoman conquest to the - a history of palestine from the ottoman conquest to the founding of the state of israel gudrun kr mer graham harman on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers it is impossible to understand palestine today without a careful reading of its distant and recent past but until now there has been no single volume in english that tells the history of the events from the ottoman, history of palestine wikipedia - the history of palestine is the study of the past in the region of palestine generally defined as a geographic region in the southern levant between the mediterranean sea and the jordan river where israel and palestine are today and various adjoining lands situated at a strategic point between europe asia and africa and the birthplace of judaism and christianity the region has a long, palestine history people religion britannica com - palestine area of the eastern mediterranean region comprising parts of modern israel and the palestinian territories of the gaza strip along the coast of the mediterranean sea and the west bank the area west of the jordan river the term palestine has been associated variously and sometimes controversially with this small region which some have asserted also includes jordan, history of israel wikipedia - the land of israel also known as the holy land or palestine is the birthplace of the jewish people the place where the hebrew bible was composed and the birthplace of judaism and christianity it contains sites sacred to judaism christianity islam samaritanism druze and the bah faith the region has come under the sway of various empires and been home to a variety of ethnicities, the origin of the palestine israel conflict - the origin of the palestine israel conflict by jews for justice in the middle east published in berkeley ca 2001 jews for justice has made this excellent resource available to people around the world, a synopsis of the israel palestine conflict - a synopsis of the israel palestine conflict the following is a very short synopsis of the history of this conflict we recommend that you also read the much more detailed account the origin of the palestine israel conflict, ottoman rule 1517 1917 jewish virtual library - following the ottoman conquest in 1517 the land was divided into four districts and attached administratively to the province of damascus and ruled from istanbul at the outset of the ottoman era an estimated 1 000 jewish families lived in the country mainly in jerusalem nablus shechem hebron gaza safed tzfat and the villages of galilee the community was comprised of descendants of, brief history of israel and the jewish people - overview of selected major points in the history of the jewish people from the time abraham to modern day israel, judaism 101 the land of israel - discusses the importance of the land of israel to judaism the rise of zionism and the formation of the state of israel, one palestine complete jews and arabs under the british - one palestine complete explores the tumultuous period before the creation of the state of israel this was the time of the british mandate when britain s promise to both jews and arabs that they would inherit the land set in motion the conflict that haunts the region to this day, an overview of israelite and jewish history felix just s j - i hebrew israelite period second millennium to ca 539 bce ca 3000 ca 1000 bce egyptian era the egyptians are overlords of the levant a k a land of canaan later israel and or palestine ca 1800 1700 foundations of the people of israel under the patriarchs ancestors god promises to give the holy land to the descendants of abraham see genesis 12 50 the first four